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Tag: Book-Treks

Where the Crawdads Sing

by Delia Owens. Kya, The Marsh Girl. Tate, The Feather Boy. An intimate Russo-esque story of the rural North Carolina coast. Kya is a soulful, lone, smart, stealthy, strong, cunning observer and survivor. Tate her protector. She learns behavior from the natural wonders surrounding her shack, the insects and birds who are her world. Owens’ writing is engrossing and gorgeous. Her depth of descriptions of both the marshland and people alike. Unforgettable characters. A comforting isolation in these disquietingly isolating times. Glad I finally got to it. One of the… Read more Where the Crawdads Sing

Reference Books

These books/essays are a constant source of reference: American Elitism- Hillbilly Elegy, J.D. Vance Being Black in America- Ruby, Cynthia Bond College Sports CabalРI Am Charlotte Simmons, Tom Wolfe OligarchiesРSnowdrops, A.D. Miller CookingРComfort Me With Apples, Ruth Reichl Evolution of terrorismРHomefire, Kamila Shamsie Writing PrizesРLost for Words, Edward St. Aubyn Cruises- Shipping Out, David Foster Wallace Banks Too Big Yet Failed- The Perfect Prey, Jeroen Smit


by Tara Westover. Finally got around to reading this harrowing page-turning memoir. The take-away is the lasting damage of psychopathic family systems. It leaves one sad that guilt can endure throughout even the most successful lifetime. Opportunities and talents beyond imagination didn’t deter Tara from returning to her unhealthy Idaho home. Masochistic? Maybe. A need to fix what was wrong with her loved ones to heal herself. A too familiar tale. Parents who fail to protect their kids, siblings who fail to protect each other. In order to each survive… Read more Educated