Laura and Emma

by Kate Greathead.

Laura is an Upper East Sider with all of the usual old money trappings. Town home, private school, private family vacation peninsula. Her parents are typical. Father nice but remote. Mother somewhat interesting, but there is not enough of her. She seemed to have the most potential, but never came fully to life despite retrospective at her funeral. Laura’s brother Nick grows up to be hostile, but we are never sure why.

Laura’s only passion seemed to be finding cheap stuff. Was hoping she’d discover love at some point with someone. Woman or man. But. She didn’t have it in her. After becoming a single mother from a ridiculous one night stand, she remains distant and clueless toward her hapless daughter Emma. Poor Emma never gets her mother to connect to her or the world. Felt bad for her. She was better off away at boarding school.

None of the characters were interesting enough to care about and the story was bland. A slice of life. Okay. Rich people can be drab.


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