Philip Roth RIP

It seems Philip Roth’s last read was Asymmetry. According to the NYTimes obit today:

“Mostly, he read — nonfiction by preference, but he made exception for the occasional novel. One of the last he read was “Asymmetry,” by Lisa Halliday, a book about a young woman who has a romance with an aging novelist who bore an unmistakable resemblance to Mr. Roth — funny, kind, acerbic, passionate, immensely well-read, a devotee of Zabar’s and old movies. In an interview, Mr. Roth acknowledged that he and Ms. Halliday had been friends, and added: “She got me.”

Brother Joe knew him and laments his loss around New York.   See comment on   SideTrek . NYC

New York Times opinion column alluded to Roth’s Toxic Masculinity. I take issue with sweeping literature up in the trendy issues of the day.
See comment.




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