Drowning With Others

by Linda Joffe Hull & Keir Graff = Linda Keir.

Secret History-ish. Murder mystery at a Prep School twenty years after the disappearance of a visiting poetry instructor. I liked it. Not brilliant writing. Yet. The amalgam authorship worked. Getting different points of view through old journals and current thoughts clever and compelling. Not sure how the two writers collaborated, but it really did flow well and each character was sharply drawn and memorable. At first I thought, another love story in high school, and frankly who remembers high school with such acuity? I mean, lots of stuff happens which gets fuzzy with time. But, it still did resonate. Not sure Andi from LA would have gone to Smith in the 90’s, that was a bit off. A lame attempt at a Sylvia Plath allusion? Why not Amherst like her boyfriend? Graff went to Hampshire so he should have known who would have gone where in the Pioneer Valley’s Five Colleges during that time. At any rate, a fun read on a rainy Sunday.

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