Death on the Beach

by Anna Johannsen. Translated from the German by Jozef van der Voort.

The second of Johannsen’s Island Mystery series set in her homeland of the Frisian Islands. Hadn’t read the first, but this is a stand-alone except for any personal backstory about Lena Lorenzen, the main character and detective. A fairly standard murder mystery formula. A cultive Christian sect is at the center of the story. Its community is ostracized by locals and they are seen as suspect even under normal circumstances. When one of its teen girls is found violently murdered, they circle the wagons.

Not much to recommend this except for learning about the remote Frisian Islands off the coasts of Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark in the North Sea. In this case, it set on the German islands of Föhr & Amrum. As a translation, flows fairly well.

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